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Innovation for place-based transformations
ACTIONbook, practices and tools

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The ACTIONbook is a comprehensive hands-on resource set to empower local, regional and national stakeholders across Europe to drive societal well-being and climate-resilient development through strategic partnerships and purpose-driven actions.

The practices include initiatives taken around Europe with different degrees of transformative innovation. They provide a short summary of what cities, regions and Member States have done to innovate for societal well-being.

Discover a collection of tools for taking action towards place-based transformations. They are categorised by the type of tools they represent (concept, methodology, EU policy initiative and example) and by their level of applicability (local, regional, national, European or all).

Special guests

Iliana Ivanova, Commssioner of Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth

European Commissioner of Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth

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Mikel Landabaso portrait

Director, Sustainable and Fair Economy, Joint Research Centre.

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